About Us...

The idea for Wolfes’ Whispering Winds Pet Memorial Services was begun after having the unfortunate experience of dealing with the pain and sorrow of losing our precious companion. We listened to our family pet burial and cremation services for Will, Kankakee and Iroquois County in Illinoisand friends discuss their painful experiences during and after the process of losing their beloved pets. We felt overwhelmed, confused and uncertain of how to provide a “dignified end for our best friend.” We remembered the lack of compassion and understanding shown during this time of heartache and grief.

After much thought and reflection, we began the journey of building a family owned and operated business, aimed at meeting the emotional needs of pet owners. Our goal is to provide respect, ethical and compassionate services that each pet and their owner needs and deserve.

Wolfes’ Whispering Winds Pet Memorial Services, Incorporated, opened in June of 2008. It is the mission of this company to provide a dignified, caring service to your pet as well as comfort and support to you throughout the painful process of letting go. We strongly believe in giving you the time to grieve and work through the sorrow you are feeling as your pet is crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge. We promise to treat your pet as a member of our family.

Rod and Sue Wolfe, owner


Wolfes' Whispering Winds Pet Memorial Services
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